Philips Battery
Philips Super Heavy Duty Battery

Philips Super Heavy Duty batteries are excellent for low-drain products such as radios, clocks, remote controls and calculators.

Zinc-Chloride technology ensures long life.

Philips ZnC batteries contain no harmful heavy metals

Philips Power Alkaline Battery

Power your energy hungry devices for longer.

Philips Power Alkaline batteries are excellent for high-energy consuming devices such as your portable audio and electronics toys.

Alkaline technology is perfect for energy hungry devices.

Philips Ultra Alkaline Battery

Extreme power for ultra high-drain devices.

Ultra Alkaline gives you 30% more power than everyday alkaline batteries and are excellent for your high-end digital devices such as your camera and portable audio players.

ExtremeLife is Philips’ premium Alkaline range.

Philips MultiLife Battery

Ready to use rechargeable batteries ideal for all digital devices.

These batteries do not need to be drained before recharging.

NiMH technology for recharging up to a thousand times Enjoy the full capacity again and again.